Friday, 24 November 2017

Not Black, not Grey... it's Red Friday :-)

After the first ever Red squirrel garden visits spotted earlier last November, expecting them to return in 2017 was a very faint thought indeed. That really would be greedy to be so very privileged again… but one very alert and no nonsense one has!

For the past three, very different weather wise, lunchtimes I have been so very, very lucky to be at home, sipping homemade soup by my gardenwatch window to see a red squirrel feeding at our garden peanut feeder! What a delightful lunch companion it has been too :-)

NOV 22: Wednesday, a dark dreich day – the red squirrel brightened up.

NOV 23: Thursday, chilly with sunshine – the red squirrel is so comical to watch.

NOV 23: Thursday, the red squirrel stops feeding only very briefly to look around.
Little did it known that it had a queue of watchers, me, 2x magpies one on post very close by, Woodpigeons on fav garden perches plus other regular birds too.

NOV 24: Friday, heavy snow for a bit, how brilliant to get the chance to see and photograph this wonderful charismatic animal with snow – fantastic…

NOV 24: Friday, magpies didn’t come close to the red squirrel but smaller birds did.
Capture of today has to be the little wren standing its ground… just brilliant :-)

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Lisa Greenbow said...

That last photo is fantastic. I love to see nature in action. Fabulous.

Brian Skeys said...

I know it won’t happen but wouldn’t be wonderful if these beautiful animals were able to spread all across the country again. I do envy you being able to see them.

thirdageblogger said...

Great, seasonal photos. Saw a few red squirrels in Scotland in September this year. I understand they are not as destructive as their grey cousins. Those pesky grey athletes take everything I put out for the birds however hard I try to position the feeders. A friend suspended her feeders from branches with fishing twine.

Sue Garrett said...

How lucky are you - just lovely! Have you thought of a squirrel feeder?

Midmarsh John said...

How lovely is that. Really pleased you now have regular visits. Great photos as well.