Monday, 31 July 2017

The theme of the last seven months

Clue 1: Keeping the garden free from weeds early in the season
to save time during the busiest month for 2017 – July.

Clue 2: Careful tending of multiple plants in a variety of pot sizes 
and styles so plants are in peak flower for the end of July.

Clue 4: Little spare time for gardenwatching or taking photographs.

Clue 3: Purple and Pinterest hours lost.

Clue 4: Ivory and the weather forecast

Clue 5: Love :-)

Can you guess what has been keeping me from blogging, taking images, recording sightings and visits? I’m guessing you might ;-)

Yes, we have been preparing for a very special occasion – a wedding, our eldest daughter’s. We haven’t quite come down to earth yet since Saturday, but despite the rain that hampered the outside wedding planned it was full of quite beautiful moments that we will all treasure forever.

However, I must give a nod to anyone considering low planting pots to line wedding ceremony aisles and outside paths in wedding venues like our lovely family castle home where peacocks were present. Be prepared to have them losing their flowers as the very curious peacocks are partial to eating them bare!

Hello again, my blogging friends and visitors :-) What has been keeping you busy this summer?

All images above were taken, as with my last wordless post, using my phone on a visit to St Andrews Botanical Gardens on April 13th 2017 for shirls gardenwatch in July 2017.