Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Snap Happy

Snapping off last spent rhododendron flower trusses of 2014

Photo snapping glorious sight of first wisteria flowers for 2014

Images captured June 10th.
This post was published by Shirley for
shirls gardenwatch in June 2014.


Sue Garrett said...

That wisteria will loo beautiful when all the flowers open.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Rhodies are finished here too but so is the wisteria.

PatMason said...

I love wisteria but mine is only a year old and too small to flower yet .... one day!

Shirley said...

Hello again to you both – I do hope you’ve both had a great summer :-)

Sue, it certain was! It was the best it has ever been and I think that was down to moving a shrub in front of it (which would have taken moisture from the ground). Also with the shrub gone you got a better view of the framework of this wisteria and it looked stunning :-D

Lisa, ah… I made a mistake in saying all my garden rhodies were finished. I have a later flowering one with a deep, deep red flower which flowers in July – it’s a stunner too :-D