Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Wordless... a keen eye

Can you see them? I’m surprised I did today. I can’t wait now.

A first for my garden. Need any clues?

These flowers took my breath away earlier in the year.

The photo above was taken in my garden on December 16th 2009, in the evening, with outside lights and flash. Perhaps you might like to browse more Wordless Wenesday postings.


Anonymous said...

Lovely! Proof that it really is all in the details.

Anna said...

How exciting! Their little snouts seem to be peeking through the ground early this year Shirl.

Unknown said...

I love it when the new shoots for next year start to appear

Liz said...

Lovely Shirl, I have lots popping their little heads up too and cannot wait for Spring!

I actually feel slightly cheated because it's making me even more impatient than I ought to be knowing they're already coming... :D

Shirley said...

Hi there Titanium, Anna, Helen and Liz :-)

Titanium, it certainly is! I had been busy pruning climbers and wasn’t looking on the ground. In that wonderful green moss there they were :-D Thanks for popping by. Happy wordless :-D

Anna, oh it really is. I had never seen snowflakes (or heard of them) until this year. I am absolutely thrilled that I’ll have a clump in my garden this year. Hope they fare better than the snowdrops as I’m useless with them! Yes, I would think this is a little early up here.

Helen, so do I, flower buds plumping up too. That reminds we I need to give my wisteria its first pruning… oops another job that should have been done by now :-o

Liz, it is great to see isn’t it. I can’t believe I managed to spot them in the moss. I scraped the moss away and found a whole collection of buds and some a lot further on too. I couldn’t get a good photo as they were under the shadow of a grass and another cast from my baubles on the pine tree above them! LOL… oh I know what you mean :-D