Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Wordless Wednesday... walking

Loch Leven Heritage Trail

All photos above taken by me on August 8th 2009. More Wordless postings.


TorAa said...

I feel the smell and calmless, the lonlyless and the sound of nature.'

Excellent WW entry

greetings from Norway

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This place is so gorgeous it speaks for itself. No Words needed.

James said...

That is a beautiful place. I would love to walk there.

Nita said...

Nice choice of this week WW. Have a great day!


Ayie said...

beautiful place, very nice for a walk!

happy ww!

Midmarsh John said...

Looks like beautiful scenery there. You do so much walking Shirl I am beginning to imagine you with very short, worn down legs :)

Frances said...

Hi Shirl, truly peaceful. I adore that wattle? fence too. A long narrow path to view before the destination is discovered.

HappyMouffetard said...

I love the way the photos draw you into the scenery. Thanks for sharing :)

ShySongbird said...

What beautiful scenery Shirl! You really do live in a lovely place :)

Shirley said...

Hi there everyone, thanks so much for all yur comments. Sorry my replies have been on the slow side :-)

TorAa – You describe this area beautifully except you never feel lonely here as there are others out enjoying the space too often just around the next corner :-D

Lisa – I agree, however sometimes don’t you think we take scenes like these for granted and it isn’t until we start to photograph it we see it anew :-D

James – It does have a wonderful beauty and so many people are now walking (and cycling there). Even those who can’t walk can enjoy it too as mobility scooters are available free too! I am sure you would enjoy a walk here :-D

Nita – Thanks, it was fun choosing. Wishing you a good day and WW tomorrow ;-)

Ayie – Yes, it really is. Happy WW for tomorrow!

John – LOL… not as much walking as it seems… I’m just ‘striding out’ the visits through postings so as to make the trail enjoyable and not weary ;-) It really is a scenic area :-D

Frances – Peaceful is true… all that breaks the silence in some areas is the ting, ting of a bicycle bell as a family of cyclists pass by every now and again. Ah… I loved the aspect of the fenced path. This is the broadwalk from the bird hide sitting on the edge of the Loch that held the view in the first photo. They’ve named it the Kingfisher hide so I found myself looking through the small windows of the fence to see if any were in view. No sightings :-( I chose this photo out of many winding path views as it did give a sense of taking you on a journey. I’m delighted you enjoyed it too :-D

Happy – Yes, when out taking photos I do roughly consider the composition but some times when it comes to cropping them (which I always do to reduce file size) I find myself playing with the image to tell the story a bit more. I love doing that. You are most welcome :-D

Jan – It really is and more often than not taken for granted by locals in this area I do suspect. I’ve lots more from this area to come, but as I said above in John’s comment above, I’m not overloading you all at once :-D

Carol............. said...

Beautiful and peaceful...

I also enjoyed your flower photos.

Shirley said...

Hi there Carol, yes it really was! Thanks, you have some stunning photos on your blog! Thanks for stopping by :-D