Thursday, 3 April 2008

What have we here?

This evening at 5.30pm I looked in on my camera Nestbox to see if we might have anyone roosting but I didn’t really expect to see anything. Boy, was I in for a surprise! On the floor of my camera Nestbox there is a scattering of moss like material although I will need sunlight tomorrow to see this better.

Next I need to see if this blue tit female is building two nests which is quite possible. Tomorrow I will keep an eye (or video camera) on the Arch box to see if material is going in there too. Now this is getting interesting! I cannot wait to see what will happen tomorrow.

Finally, on Tuesday I posted three posts and perhaps some visitors missed the first one which had a video of the blue tit performing the nesting shuffle.

The photo above was taken in my camera Nestbox on April 3rd 2008.


Nancy J. Bond said...

It must be so exciting to watch their progress!

garden girl said...

Shirl, I can hardly wait to see what happens in your nest boxes!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The wrens in our garden build several nests and then chose the one they want to actually use. I don't know what their criteria is but they keep busy.

Jane Adams said...

I'm getting excited now... which one will she choose. It's like a good soap without the cockney accents! Jane

Anonymous said...

I agree, it is like a soap opera - can't wait for the next episode.

The Wessex Reiver said...

I think you should organise a sweepstake Shirl, my money is 50:1 mossy nest box. But will you see the egg laying.... more in next weeks episode. Good stuff.

The Black Rabbit said...


Shirley said...

Hi again Nan, Garden Girl, Lisa, Jane, Easygardener, Border and Doug :-)

Nan – It is, although in the beginning it is slow so I will post on a few visits at some point soon :-D

Garden Girl – Me too, although I have seen eggs hatch last year we never saw the chicks past a week old. Nesting isn’t always a happy ending. However we will be positive for this year and hope the camera box is the chosen one so we can all see what happens :-D

Lisa – Yes, I agree that they keep busy when making nests. As much material leaves our box as goes in! There are various stages of material too. The final for the blue tit is a soft one for the nest cup. Last year she brought in bright red balls which have to have come from a craft set. She eventually moved them but they did bring some colour to the nest for a while :-D

Jane – I am trying to curtail my excitement. I am playing it cool so the blue tit doesn’t feel pressure and I am not disappointed. However it is absolutely fascinating to watch and at the moment I am watching her in the corner of my screen as I type this. I do hope she continues in the camera box :-D

Easygardener – Me too, me too :-D

Border – Funnily enough when your comment came in I had just added a poll from blogger to my sidebar. I eventually removed it as it was too big for the top and not as well spotted further down – you couldn’t have seen it. A sweep that is an interesting thought! We are a bit behind England in nesting. Last year it was May the first before our first egg was laid. I expect this will be even later this year. The nest building took ages last year with as much coming out as going in. It was tiring to watch – what hard work she made of it. It is early days yet, we still have just a few bits in the box. It is great stuff to watch though :-D

Doug – Thanks - I hope so! I am trying not to let myself believe yet. If eggs get laid in (probably a month yet) then I will really believe it. You will know what I mean :-D