Thursday, 15 November 2007

Garden Bloom Day November 2007

The birds and wildlife in my garden have rather dominated my posts recently. However today it is time once again to post on what is in flower in my garden at the moment. Well, I have to say that many of the same flowers of the last few months are still in flower albeit in fewer numbers. It was getting dark as I took my photos today so the flash was used in them all. I thought it would make a change. To see more flowering plants in other gardens go to May Dreams Gardens and browse the gardens in the comments of Carol's November post .

Photos above from top: Thistle flowers of Cirsium, coral trumpets of Penstemon, Sea Holly, pink Asters, Verbena Bonariensis, orange Osteospermum, pink crane's bill geranium and white Borage.

Finally, I have to point out here that although the above plants are still in flower they really are in very small numbers now. They appear as little dots of colour through a tapestry of foliage. I should also add that my Japanese Anemones, Nepata, Polygala and Calendula still have a few flowers left too. I enjoy my foliage plants at this time of year and as more plants die down for winter I am able to see the structural plants of my garden once again. Ah yes, and perhaps it is time to start thinking about next year's garden.

The photos above were taken in my garden on November15th 2007.


Carol Michel said...

"Little dots of color through a tapestry of foliage"... that sounds so pretty! Thanks for sharing your blooms with all of us again.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Hi Shirl,

It's the same over here; a few flowers here and there with the exception of a few plants that are really coming into their own now like Winter Jasmin.

I like that shot of the moon you took and it was a nice idea to shoot every bloom with flashlight. The days are really getting very short now, aren't they?

Last night we had our first real night frost.

BTW my blooms are up too!

Have a great weekend!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Shirl your little dots of color are sweet. They are like little jewels sitting in foliage settings.

Shirley said...

Hi again, Carol, Yolanda and Lisa :-)

Carol – Thanks. I really must get photos of my foliage plants soon before some of these plants die down too. I enjoy taking part in GBBD :-D

Yolanda – Yes, in my initial browsing GBBD posts I did notice the same pictures. You still have quite a lot in flower though – I’ll be back to read your post later. Thanks, I thought taking the photos by moonlight would jazz them up a bit. However, it was difficult to photograph the last ones though as it got darker and I had difficulty focusing! The shot of the moon was taken after my last photo. Thanks – wishing you a great weekend too :-D

Lisa – Thanks – the flowers really are little dots in my garden at the moment! However, they would look nothing at all without the variety of foliage. I am a foliage gardener really :-D

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Having so few blooms makes one appreciate each even more. They are beautiful. At what time does it get dark by you at this time of year?

Shirley said...

Hi again, Mr McGregor’s Daughter :-)

That is true! It was just starting to get dark when I went out with my camera at 4.30pm and by 5pm, when I finished, I saw the moon as it was shown in my post :-D

Barbara said...

A lovely post about lovely plants in a not so "lovely" month!! Every colour spot is well appreciated and kept in mind for the long cold winter days to come where we aren't spoilt with as many blooming plants as in other seasons. The idea of taking pictures with flashligt is exemplary!
Have a cos Sunday!

Shirley said...

Hi again, Barbara :-)

Thanks! I know what you mean but I suppose if the garden was bright with flower colour all year it would be dull! I enjoy the changes in our weather and the changes that our plants go through - then as you say we appreciate what we have!

Thanks – I really don’t know where the flashlight idea came from! It wasn’t planned at all :-D

Oh Yes, we did have a cos Sunday – thank-you. I hope you did too :-D